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ASP.NET Training


We have designed our dot net course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal. In our Microsoft dot net training program, you will learn Microsoft MVC framework, asp .net, vb .net, ADO.net, silverlight, Crystal reports, .net real time project.

We also provide Microsoft certification training path for .net certification.

Asp .Net Web Development
Managing IIS (Internet Information Server)
Data transfer Between Server and Client
Dynamic use of get Method
Navigation from html to HTML Controls
Concepts of PostBack in Asp .Net
Previous Page Controls Concepts
State management through View State
Dynamic Event Merging
Data Binding Concepts
Rich Server Controls
Dynamic Creation of Controls
Dynamic Event Handling
Validating Page through Validation Controls
Separate Block of Validation
Understanding Classes
Generating and Consuming DLL
Web user Control
Generating Property within Classes
Handling of Child Control in Parent
XML Concept
Using Master Pages
Master Page Nesting
Applying Navigation Controls , menu, TreeView
Giving Sitemap
Error Handling in Web Pages
Cookies Handling
Implementing Sessions
Partial Caching
Web Security
Login Controls
DB Operation by Ado.Net
Connected Mode Architecture
Create , Insertion, Updation in Tables
Parameterize Queries
Binding Controls to database
Working in DisConnected Mode Architecture
Using DataTemplates
Using Multiple tables
Implementing Joins and Views
Implementing Stored Procedures
Managing Master Child relationship in DataControls
Providing Navigation Facility Within Grid
Key Field Editing in Grid
Paging in GridView
Formatting GridView
Form View and Detail View Control
  Using Advance Features in Web Development
Security using Database
Web Services
Consuming Web Services
Concept of Asyncronus Method
Ajax by Implementing JavaScript
Understanding Ajax Script Process
Database Interaction with AJAX
Unique Identity through AJAX
AJAX by Update Panel
Ajax Script manager
Crystal Reports
Add Crystal Reports
Accesss Reports through Web
Grouping and Aggrgation Formulas
Aplying Run time query in Reports
Mobile Web Pages
using Mobile Device Simulator
Generating Web Assembly and Deployment
Web Hosting
Remote Server Management
SQL Server
making DB
make Table
Drop Statements
Alter table
Giving Constraints
Select Statements
Insert ,Update and Delete Statements
Using Where Clauses
using Like , Between ,In , Null Operators
Generating Views
Stored Procedure
Data Integrity
Making Relationship
Rich Internet Application (RIA)
MVC .Net
Multi Tier Architecture
Working with WCF & WPF
WCF - Windows Communication Foundation
Define WCF Service Contract
Implement WCF Contract
Host WCf Service
Create EndPoints
Create & Configure WCF Client
Use WCF Client
WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation
Design Layouts
Add Controls and UI
Event Handler
Applying Styles
Data Templates
Binding Data to controls
Developer Level Client Side Interaction(Advance Java Script)
Managing Runtime CSS
Rich Java Script Animation
Menu Through Java Script
Applying JavaScript on Server Controls
Implementing Runtime JavaScript by Server Side Programming
Integrating java Script with DataBase
Advance AJAX
DataBase Operation by AJAX
DropDown Effect by Ajax using DB
Ajax Implementation using .net interface Method
Integrating Ajax Toolkit
SILVER LIGHT Application
Silver Light Animation
.Net Integration with Silverlight
Event handling in SilverLight
Understanding Layout
SilverLight Tools Integration in .Net
Using Multiple XAML on Single web
Database Interaction in SilverLight
Power Sessions
Sending Email by Domain Account
Sending Email by GMAIL Account
Implementing Web Service on Html Page
XML in Advance Mode
Dot Net NUKE (DNN)
N - Tier Architecture
Development in Multi Tier Architecture
Database and Business Component Classes
Implementing DAL and BAL
Implementing Static and Non Static Methods of DB Layer
Dynamic Binding of DataControls through DAL and BAL
Using Microsoft Business Component
Developing N-Tier using XSD